Free-range poultry & eggs Premium Ontario Lamb Duck
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Erbcroft Farms is a proud recipient of the Premiers Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence


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Thanks to everyone who supported our farm, however we are no longer in the livestock business or doing farm gate sales.

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Erbcroft Farms Tim and Luann Erb Sebringville Ontario free range chicken eggs turkey duck lamb

Erbcroft Farms is located just 10 minutes outside of Stratford, near the village of Sebringville on Road 134 #3907. We breed Kuvasz guard dogs and will be revamping our website and showcasing our upcoming litter very shortly. See our contact page for full details.

The kids are excited about the arrival of our puppies. They always love to check out what new animals we might have. We're always getting something new, sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally - a couple years back, a pot bellied pig just showed up at our farm. He has since found a new home.